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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Happy 21st Katester!

K turned 21 this week and Thursday night we went out to celebrate. We went to a cute little bar downtown called "Rosebuds." Now, as we all know, I am not 21, but the rest of my girl friends are. Of course I do not like to be left out of the festivities so I took the only logical action. Fake ID w/ LOTS OF CLEAVAGE. Apparently, after a few shots, I began to tell my friends of my master cleavage plan before leaving the apartment, and thus was dubbed the nickname "Tits" for the remainder of the evening. Just for the record, the plan worked like a charm. hehe.

So this bar is really adorable and for the most part draws a college-type crowd. HOWEVER, this particular night there was an individual who was definitely NOT in the college age range, bordering more on a range where he could have potentially been my father. So we're all drunk and playing FINE tunes on the jukebox ranging from N'sync to Marvin Gaye and dancing around, drawing attention to ourselves as seems to be the trend when we go anywhere. So, this MAN, cause by no means was he a boy, comes up and starts dancing behind Erin in a BOWLING shirt. Now, I dunno where he got these dance moves, but it was the funniest thing I have seen in my whole life. He was waving his hands around crossing somewhere between Naughty by Nature's Hip Hop Hooray and wind shield wipers. Out of control hilarious. The best part was she didn't even know he was there as she continued dancing.

There was also a fine individual who continuously was serenading me like two inches from my face. Personal space was NOT in this guy's vocabulary. He then KISSED my forehead, so I was just like holy shit creepy! You need to back away.

So as well all know, Lexington bars close at 1am, and who on earth wants to stop partying then? So somehow we ended up at a fraternity house of some sort. I dunno. It's kinda a blur. All I remember is a guy walking around w/ mud all over his shirt and Bethany calling half the people in my phone book. BTW, if she called you and I haven't yet apologized, sorry.

So I think it was around 3 when we were dropped off back here at Royal Compton Apartments. And for some reason, Bethany, Katie and I thought it was a GOOD idea to take off to Rob's apartment about 10 minutes away. Now, in lieu of recent events, it was probably NOT in the best interest of 3 young girls to go parading down the dark streets of Lexington at 3 in the morning. But we did.

We get there, and somebody gets the brilliant idea to go to Waffle House. One problem. Nobody is SOBER. So of course the only logical thing to do is WALK. problem is, Waffle House is at least 3/4 of a mile away. So Katie gets a brilliant idea. The UK Police Department has recently enacted this number to call 221-RIDE with "no questions asked" anytime you need to go somewhere. So she figured hey, they can take us to Waffle House and proceeded to dial. However, she was stopped mid-dial and all eight of our drunkasses WALKED to the Waffle House.

So FINALLY, i get in bed at around 4:45, and I had class at 9am. So I get up at 8:30am and low and behold, I am STILL DRUNK. I opened my door and walked right into the wall, and my roommate just started laughing hysterically. But I went to class dammit! Dont remember a damn thing about it. But I was there! Cause that's the kinda champ I am!

It was definitely memorable, and we all had a great time. Happy 21st Katester!!!! P.S. Alex Bought Me a Purple Hooter! He's AWESOME!!!!


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