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Sunday, January 18, 2004

What Is A "DoucheBag?"

Well, if you ask any random college student, the answer to this question is simple. OBVIOUSLY, a Douchebag is used to "Douche" yourself. Note: It is NOT, in fact, WORN, whether that be by day OR night. If you ask a 15 year old fucker against whom your playing March Madness 2004 on PS2 via the internet, he will define a douchebag quite differently. According to this flaming reject from Texas, a "douchebag" is "something you wear at night."

Well, needless to say, when that little shit busted out that definition, we lost it HARDCORE. Previously, he had made it known that he rides the "short bus" and it became all too clear that he was, in fact, "special."

The basketball games consist of 2 10 minute halves, so we talked to that little "douchebag" for an extended period of time. He informed us that his mom was sitting next to him, so immediately, the guys in the room became interested. They continually requested to converse with the MILF, but the little douche refused. They even sent a message suggesting, MOM, LET's FUCK. Still....Denied.

Who knows what the hell that little flamer was thinking by "something you wear at night?!" We've been pondering that question for hours now. If anyone has ANY idea what that little shit was confusing a douche with, PLEASE let me know!!!


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